A teleradiology firm needed a solution to allow their remote radiologists to connect into the main office to work as effectively off site as when on site. This includes the transmission of images and patient information. All data transmissions needed to be encrypted to maintain HIPPA compliance.


First solution was to provide a secure method of connecting into the main office. We implemented a Cisco VPN to provide a secure and encrypted connection meeting HIPPA standards.

The second solution was to make their patient management software available to the radiologists and transcriptionists to allow them to enter and retrieve data without having to use data entry people. We used Microsoft’s Terminal Server technology to create a virtual desktop. All company software was available to remote users over an Internet connection. Speed and performance were excellent since Terminal Server only transmits the screen, keyboard and mouse controls. No data moves between the sites.

The third solution was to handle the almost 100 faxes per day and getting them to the data entry people. We implemented a network fax solution. This solution receives faxes on a four line roll over line so the sending site does not receive a busy signal. Next the fax software integrates into the Microsoft Exchange Email system so the faxes can be routed to the appropriate person. The fax can then be electronically filed so no paper is actually generated.

The last piece was to harden the servers using redundant power supplies and a combination of RAID 1 and 5 drive arrays. Next the Internet connection was split between two T1 lines to allow VPN traffic to come in over either line in case of a failed piece of equipment or a service provider has an outage.

The project was constructed to allow the system to scale as their growth needs changed.