Whether you’re prepping for a presentation, responding to emails, or completing other workday tasks, it’s important to have a server in your office that runs smoothly. From small networks to large multi-server organizations, companies of every size can face IT issues due to a slow or non-responsive server.

If you begin to experience problems with your computer’s servers, our team at Jaekle Group can help. We’ll work with you to determine the root cause of the issues and present a cost-efficient solution.

Every company’s IT scenarios will be different, however, so to further understand your office’s computer issues, it may help if you have a better idea of what’s causing the problems with your server.

Below, we’ve listed a number of common signs that your device’s server isn’t running at an optimal level. If you believe any of these problems may be causing your company’s IT issues, let our team know, as this will be helpful on our end for determining possible solutions.

1. Slow or Unresponsive Devices

If your computer freezes, slows down or becomes completely unresponsive, this can cause office-wide stress and affect your productivity levels.

If you’ve experienced any of these inconveniences with your company’s computers, we can help you find the cause of this lag, whether it’s the need for a software update or something more severe, such as data corruption.

2. A Warm, Rising Temperature

Another symptom of a faulty computer server is a noticeable increase in its temperature. A device with a warm temperature can cause direct issues with its server and decrease its functionality. In fact, if the temperature continues to rise above 68 degrees, servers can lose up to 50% of their reliability.

3. Random Crashes or Reboots

If your device crashes or reboots itself on a regular basis, this may be a sign of a defective server. Servers may give out for a number of reasons, such as due to a corrupting virus. If this is something that has occurred within your office, let our team know and we can begin to work toward a solution.

4. Noises from Your Hard Drive

If you’ve started to hear unusual noises coming from your device, such as clicking, grinding, humming or vibrations, this might be a sign that your server is ineffective. This issue may be fixed by running repair software, or it could be a bigger issue that requires an equipment replacement.

5. Errors Upon Startup

If you’re having trouble restarting your computer, this may be a sign of a corrupted server. If error messages pop up while you attempt to start your device, they should not be ignored. Our team can run a full assessment of your company’s devices to determine what is causing this issue.

6. Issues with Your Filing System

If your computer has trouble retrieving files or frequently switches to read-only versions, it may mean that your server is in need of repair. File system maintenance or back-ups can help prevent a complete computer failure, but our IT experts will assess your devices and determine which solutions are most effective for your situation.

Our IT Team Can Find a Solution for Your Server Issues. Reach Out to Us Today for More Information!

If your devices have experienced any of the above warning signs or issues, get in touch with our team for an assessment. We’ll look deeper into your server and be able to provide a comprehensive solution. Some of the services we may offer include:

  • Cloud Services – If your current network has issues, our cloud management services can be used for hosting emails, websites and more
  • Disaster Recovery – If your server does fail, we provide various disaster recovery solutions that will get your network back on track
  • 24/7 Help Desk – If your company is having IT issues, you’ll have access to our 24/7 help desk, where our team can offer our support without having to come in for a visit

If you’d like to learn more about our services or have questions about your company’s server, please reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!