Help Desk Solutions

The Jaekle Group offers various Support Services depending on the needs of the company. We provide total care solutions.


Computer Maintenance and Repair

We offer various computer maintenance and repair programs. Everything from fixed cost maintenance programs to pay and you go. We can replace, install, upgrade and repair all of your company’s computers. We do everything that is needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Security Updates

The most important maintenance today on a computer is security and service patch updates. Do to the ever changing hack attempts, you must keep your computer up to date with patches. This is often over looked when people do not do proper upkeep of their systems. When computers are problematic you loose production time.

Phone and Help Desk Support

We can provide phone and help desk support when a visit is not necessary. We can even setup your system so we can do remote support of your system. This allows us to be there in an instant 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Disaster Recovery

No one can predict when and where disaster will strike but are you ready for it? The 9/11/01 tragedy is a perfect example of how we can be blind sided by complacency. It is not a matter of if a disaster will happen but when.

  • What if the server fails?
  • What if the power goes out?
  • What if we lose our Internet connection?
  • What if the building burns down?
  • What if we lose the hard drive with all of the company data on it?
  • How long can we be down for?

Do you have a plan to address these issues? We can help you be ready.

Product Research and Selection

Do you need to purchase new software to run your business? Not sure what to get or how it will work at your business? Let us help you work with product vendors to find the right product. We can work with the vendors to set up demo’s so you can thoroughly evaluate the product before you make a costly investment.

We will help you sort the truth from the fiction!

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