IT Solutions Success Stories

Listed below are various solutions The Jaekle Group has implemented to provide our customers with the results they need to maximize their ability to compete and perform in their various business arenas.

Company “D” – Real Estate Company

Problem The Real Estate Company has three branch offices with no central server to tie everything together. E-mail was POP3 at an ISP. If a person at a branch office was sick, someone had to be dispatched to work at that office for the day. Solution We provided a...
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Company “C” – Manufacturers Representative

Problem This company put together a sales team that was located throughout the country. They needed a way to funnel sales leads to inside sales. They also needed a way to keep track of customer information in real time to be able to take orders and invoice. Solution...
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Company “B” – Construction Company

Problem The construction firm needed a solution to allow their off field level project managers connect into the main office to access mail and a construction management software. Field personal were located in construction trailers where access to high speed Internet...
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Company “A” – Teleradiology Firm

Problem A teleradiology firm needed a solution to allow their remote radiologists to connect into the main office to work as effectively off site as when on site. This includes the transmission of images and patient information. All data transmissions needed to be...
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