Network and computer security is becoming the number one problem facing companies today. Not only do you have to worry about outside threats from hackers, but you need to protect your company’s data files from inside threats as well.

After you think you have these issues covered, your system now gets wiped out by a virus. Or critical company information is being sent out to hackers from back door programs that were unintentionally installed by an employee.

Next you want to provide secure access to company files so your workers can work from outside of the office. Maybe you just opened up a satellite office and you don’t want to pay the high costs of dedicated T1 lines. We can provide you with various Security Solutions that will enable your company work efficiently and securely.



Antivirus Protection

Viruses today pose the number one threat to a computer and to a company’s key data. The more aggressive variety can send key company data back to a hacker. This can even include passwords. The destructive versions are now wiping out computer systems. We deploy Enterprise antivirus solutions that will protect all servers, workstations, and mail systems from a central location. The antivirus is designed to automatically update itself with the latest pattern definitions. It will also send out administrative alerts when a potential virus threat exists.


As hackers get more sophisticated it is more necessary for companies to protect themselves for data loss or theft. Be limiting the access people have from the Internet into your private network, you can prevent them from even trying to hack your company.

Firewalls prevent unwanted entry into your corporate network. It is an absolute must in today’s networks. Firewalls can be bundled with VPN access to maximize your investment.

System Audits

System audits are an invaluable tool to help you get a handle on exactly how your system is configured. For example:

  • Password policies
  • Open shares
  • Administrator accounts
  • Firewall settings
  • Points of entry
  • System Monitoring
  • Internet activity
  • Program settings

This is just to name a few. Networking is a great way to share and distribute information. Let’s make sure it is only going to the people we think it is going to.

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