Jaekle Group Testimonials

As a managed services provider for several years, Jaekle Group has given many organizations the means to have a thriving and efficient IT program. Between our team’s certified expertise, a secure and monitored data center, and affordable costs for any business size, you can’t go wrong with leaving your IT solutions to Jaekle Group.

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“Before using The Jaekle Group, IT services for our small manufacturing company was a nightmare. The Jaekle Group came in, cleaned things up and has kept our network running safely and smoothly ever since. They have grown with us as our needs and demands increased. In over 15 years I have never even thought of looking elsewhere.

Morgan R. McIntosh

President, OmegaOne

American Kuhne “I highly recommend the Jaekle Group to any company who needs initial startup or migrating to professional systems. As much as we relied on the Jaekle Group for planning and user support, there were many services offered that we did not take advantage of such as virtual servers that could have reduced or cost of ownership even more.”

Stewart N. Pollin

Vice President of Quality & Service, American Kuhne

Lighting Services, Inc.

“Jaekle Group has been a cost-saving and stress-saving partner for my company. When an IT problem arises, I know I can get on the phone with a friendly and knowledgeable IT expert at Jaekle Group, and my problem will be fixed in no time. I don’t have to spend time trying to fix the problem myself, and don’t have to order service from a company who will charge me double for half the work.”

Ryan Allerman

Design Engineer, Lighting Services Inc.

Partners, an Environmental, Engineering & Surveying Firm
“Prior to my current employer I always had in-house IT personnel.  I was skeptical at first about response time with external IT services.  Jaekle Group is quite responsive with friendly and knowledgeable staff.  We completed a major integration earlier this year and found Jaekle Group to be a true partner throughout the process.”

Michelle A. English

Director of Finance & Administration, Partners, an Environmental, Engineering & Surveying Firm

mid ohio

“The consistent professionalism and attention to detail is and has always been second to none. I don’t mind saying I have become a little spoiled and very accustomed to the TLC we receive as well as the short response times we experience when we have an IT issue.”

Dave Fleming

Controller, Mid-Ohio Products, Inc.

Shaker Consulting Group, Inc.

“The Jaekle Group continues to improve our IT processes, they are immediate to respond when we experience a ‘crisis’, and by and large relieve us from the stress of handling day-to-day computer issues.”

Cynthia A. Kirk

Corporate Treasurer, Shaker Consulting Group, Inc.

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